Fuseboard replacement

Fuseboard replacement in Eltham

Many properties in and around Eltham and the surrounding areas still rely on old, outdated fuseboards to protect them and their family in the event of an Electrical fault. Here at Toca Electrical Services ltd we have upgraded and installed countless numbers of new consumer units for local customers and in the process helped them become safer in their properties.

What is a fuseboard?

A fuseboard is the box where all of your properties electrics originates from, it is in here where a fuse will blow or trip in the event of an electrical fault, other names commonly used for a fuseboard are:


  • > Consumer unit
  • > Fuse box
  • > Fuse board
  • >Consumer board
  • > Distribution board

How do i know if i have an old consumer unit or fuseboard?

If you have an old fusebox you will be able to identify it as modern consumer units have individual switches that can just be flicked on & off and will usually have an RCD fitted, whether that be a double width module labelled RCD protected circuits underneath or with a little test button on the front of the individual switches.

Older style fuseboards tend to have pull out fuses with fusewire inside, these can particularly be an issue if you have a problem and are not sure which circuit is affected as the only way to identify it is to pull each fuse out 1 by 1 and check the wire inside!

What will a replacement fuseboard or consumer unit do for me?

A new modern consumer unit will be equipped with a device called an RCD or Residual Current Device, this is a lifesaving device that will automatically disconnect the power if there is an electrical fault within your system and offers a vastly improved level of protection for you in the event of a fault compared with just a standalone fuse or an MCB (trip switch) on its own.

Why use Toca Electrical Services Ltd?

Choosing the right Electrician for your consumer unit upgrade is vital, here at Toca Electrical Services Ltd we provide an honest & reliable service everytime, our feedback from previous customers in and around Eltham can be found on our Checkatrade page.

Our Promise to You.

  • > Friendly, Reliable service guaranteed
  • > We are experienced & registered local Electricians
  • > Fully insured up to £5million
  • > Checkatrade and Government Trustmark approved contractors
  • > We provide an Insurance backed guarantee on all installation work
  • > Provide you with a written quotation and invoice
  • > Full Electrical certification provided

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