Do you need a new Consumer unit/fuseboard?

Does my Consumer unit/fuseboard need upgrading?

A Consumer unit also is commonly referred to as a fuseboard, fusebox or distribution board.

As a Local Electrician, I often get asked by homeowners & landlords in Eltham, Lee Green, Swanley, Sidcup & surrounding area whether their consumer unit /fuseboard/fusebox is safe or does it need upgrading?

Ultimately, the only way to know if your consumer unit needs upgrading is to get a Suitably qualified & Registered Local Electrician to come and do a visual inspection, this is something that we provide free for our customers in Eltham, Swanley, Sidcup, Greenwich Lee Green, Plumstead & other parts of SE London & Kent.

Below are a few reasons for upgrading your consumer unit/fuseboard/fusebox:

Burning – Look out for any visible discoloration and/or burn marks – this can be a sign of a bigger problem

  • New work – If you are having new installation work carried out in your house then the regulations will almost certainly ask for an RCD to be fitted, if you have an older style fuse box then it isn’t likely to be possible to find an RCD unit to fit your system, depending on the scope and extent of the new work, an upgrade may be a a more cost effective way to proceed.
  • Safety conscious – If you have an old style fusebox with the pull out fuses, it will come as no surprise to you to hear that a lot has changed and technology has advanced a lot since the date of its original installation, with RCD’s and RCBO’s now readily available, Your’s and your families safety is as good a reason as any to upgrade your old fusebox to a new consumer unit.
  • EICR – you may have had an EICR carried out which has the recommendation for the upgrade of your consumer unit, this is a call I get quite often from landlords questioning an electrical inspection from other contractors.


What to expect when you upgrade your consumer unit?

Firstly and most importantly, you will have a higher level of protection than you likely had previously as RCD’s will be fitted as they are mandatory in almost every case in a domestic dwelling.


RCD’s are safety devices that automatically cut off the electric in the event of a fault & will limit the amount of voltage that will pass through your body if you come in to contact with a live electrical source i.e – a bare wire, they also offer more safety in that they also detect a wider range of faults that previous fuse boxes didn’t offer.

If you have appointed an Contractor to carry out a consumer unit upgrade for you, make sure you use a local, Registered Electrician, you can generally expect the job to take around a day (depending on work involved), your existing wiring will be tested at the same time and results recorded on an Electrical installation certificate & any Earth equipotential bonding to any metallic service pipework (Gas, Water, Oil, Steel) should also be carried out too (although seemingly some contractors don’t bother!). Upon testing, any defects picked up should be relayed to you and appropriate options given as to how to resolve them, normally small issues will be rectified at no additional cost to you.


After the job is complete, your Electrician should give you a demonstration to how your new consumer unit and RCD works and what to do in the event of a fault.

You should also receive certification in the form of an Electrical Installation Certificate & Building control compliance certificate or Part P certificate as It is commonly known.

That’s all there is to it, you can now enjoy a much safer home knowing that your new consumer unit has been installed by a reputable, local Electrician.

Registered, local Electrician in Eltham, Sidcup, Swanley, Plumstead & surrounding areas

If you would like advice or a quote on a new consumer unit/fusebox to be installed in your home in Eltham, Lee Green, Swanley, Greenwich Plumstead, Sidcup or surrounding areas then please contact your Local Eelctrician Billy from Toca Electrical Services Ltd on 020 8819 1481 or visit our contact page to arrange a survey visit to your property